Information Technology today is recognized as as an effective tool for catalyzing the economic activity in efficient governance and in developing human resource. As the era of Digital Economy evolves, the concept of good Governance assumes a greater significance. It is expected that in this context the Electronic Governance will result in improved transparency, speedy information dissemination, higher administrative efficiency and improved public services in sectors including transportation, education, power, health, water, security and the state administration and municipal services. Recognizing its national importance and capitalizing on its skills and technologies developed, over the years, C-DAC has taken major initiatives in this area of eGovernance offering solutions and services as follows:

Online Management and Monitoring System (OMMS) for PM SY (PradhanMantri Gram SadakYojana)

Decision Support System based on Data Warehousing for multipurpose household data for Andhra Pradesh

HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (HIS) Hospital Information System (HIS) is one of the most promising applications of Information Technology (IT) in the Health Care Sector. The aim of HIS is to use a network of computers to collect, process and retrieve patient care and administrative information from various departments for all hospital activities to satisfy the functional requirement of the users. It also helps as a decision support system for the hospital authorities for developing comprehensive health care policies. This system has been successfully commissioned at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute (SGPGI), Lucknow, and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital (GTB), Delhi.


This application addresses the activities carried out by a corporation engaged in industrial development. It is an effective tool that captures the land allotment process which encompasses various stages like allotment, transfer, mortgage, surrender etc. of land. Some of the functional modules of this are, Acknowledgment of application, Receipt of application, Reminder of notice, Reports etc. The application is fully GIS enabled. The system has been developed for Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC).


Important applications for Municipal Corporations includes Property: fax billing, water supply billing, death and birth certificates issue, trade licenses issue, consumer complaints apart from MIS. This entire operation has been computerized for six major municipal corporations in Karnataka.


The solution provides the facilities to easily store and retrieve the documents. They are stored using proper indexing mechanism to facilitate faster search. Main modules of the solution are Document conversion, Image enhancement, Document storage and retrieval, and Document security. This is a standalone application for a variety of Document Management Operations in a Corporate or Government department.